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I’m Katie Tucker, a Kamloops, BC local who loves dogs, wine and all things creative! At any moment you can catch me spending my time learning new creative skills, doing home renovations and jumping into all sorts of DIY projects. I love to be busy and to constantly challenge myself to learn new things.

While I have always taken a liking to anything creative, sign making was a new challenge for me that I didn't anticipate would develop into something so incredibly meaningful. Shortly after moving to Kamloops, BC early in 2018, I began to explore the process of making wood signs to give me something new and creative to focus on. What started as a casual pastime, quickly developed into making gifts for friends and special request projects for those around us. Soon, my husband Dave would find himself spending days in the shop alongside me, helping with staining, framing and preparing bases for the next round of orders I had on the go. Early on, Dave noticed that the towns’ support of small, local businesses was unlike any we had seen before, which certainly made it easier for us to begin sharing our work with this community.

Dave and I have teamed up to make modern, farmhouse style wood signs and woodwork projects. We have a large variety of in-shop designs and we continue to add new designs to our shop regularly. Aside from our fan favourite designs, we also focus a lot of our creativity on working with our clients on creating meaningful, custom designs. The possibilities are endless with custom orders, but our favourite designs to work on are handwritten letters/recipes cards made from yours or your loved ones handwriting. We encourage custom orders not only because it allows us to use our full creativity, but it allows our clients the opportunity to be a part of the creative process. There's something so exciting about being able to see a personalized piece of art come to life.

All of our items are handmade locally in Kamloops, BC and each have their own unique character. Every board we use comes with its own story and expression due to the nature of the wood itself and we love seeing that come through in the final product.

While the journey our business has taken over the last 3 years has been a bit unexpected, we couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. Thank you to each of you for the ongoing support, kind words of encouragement and for following along our small business journey!

Take a look at some of our Designs

The perfect wood sign for dad created by The Hazel Collection in Kamloops British Columbia
Peace wooden sign handmade in Kamloops by The Hazel Collection
A gift for her - wood sign from The Hazel Collection in Kamloops British Columbia